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Kelly Greenhill

IR review 2.17 short answers and IDs • Balance of Power o the anarchy of the international system o leads to stability o after Napoleonic Wars Congress of Vienna organized diplomacy, before was a free for all (look at eras of balance of power) o Concert of Europe (1815-1914) Great Peace o multi-, bi-, unipolar (alliances) o when balancing occurs, there is external and internal balancing o consequences: chain-ganging (allies will latch on to other allies for fear of abandonment; ex: Serbia in WWI), buck-passing (ex: collective security, Japan and Manchuria, Munich) o security dilemma • sovereignty: o monopoly in defined territory o ex: Mexico, Syria, Somalia • nation vs. nation state o nation: not governing apparatus, but a group of people who share a culture, language, and history • Maginot Line o defensive trench made by France against Germany • Treaty of Versailles o self-determination o German no le gusta • revisionist state: not happy with current status quo o ex: emerging powers • end of Cold War--- don’t need to know • US was hegemonic after WWII • UN • social science methodology; scientific method • intervening variable • examples examples examples • realism, idealism, constructivism, liberalism paradigms! • what makes a good theory o parsimony • Marshall Plan vs. Truman Doctrine o Secretary of State George Marshall, wants to engage with Europe to help economy, and go against growing Communism o Truman Doctrine: giving aide to any “free peoples resisting aggression” (never said Communism); domino theory; result of Great Britain unable to give help to Turkey and Greece • gold standard o every currency has a given value to a
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