PS-0061 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: Maginot Line, Stock Market, Peloponnesian League

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Something treated as true by a community, so that it might as well be true. I. e. value of currency: helps us understand the world, but can also interfere with our perspective. We make predictions based on current social facts, which is why they"re so often wrong. Worldviews: we"re all conditioned to see the world differently. 1. international system level: emphasizes nature of system a. i. a. ii. a. iii. Broad patterns, not specific events: key variables: 2. national (actor) level: emphasizes factors that characterize different units a. i. Variation in unit factors can explain variations in outcomes: key variables: a. i. 2. individual (decision-making) level: significance of decisions by groups, bureaucracies and individuals within states, behavior could be attributed to human nature, or more context-specific factors. Athenian/sparta rivalry: used to be allied against persia o o o. Split after persian war; athens took leadership of alliance. Triumphed, but suffered huge losses on both sides. War happened b/c athenian power grew, and caused fear in sparta.

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