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Mind: mental activity, perceptual experiences, memories, thoughts, feelings; results from biological processes within brain. Critical thinking: systematically question and evaluate information using well-supported evidence. Example: many heads in a row, you expect tails. Example: information that comes first has more influence. Example: sandy hook shooter, he did seem strange . Sensory messages in one location in brain- localization. Structuralism: break down conscious experience into basic components- flaw: subjective. Stream of consciousness: continuous, ever changing thoughts. Functionalism: adaptive purpose/function of mind and behavior. Gestalt theory: whole does not equal sum of its parts. Unconscious: where mental processes operate below conscious awareness. Psychoanalysis: bring unconscious to conscious awareness to reveal conflicts. Behaviorism: role of environmental factors in behavior. Social psychology: how people influence other people. Primary goals of science: description, prediction, control explanation. Reactivity: knowledge that one is being observed alters behavior. Observer bias: errors in observation due to observer expectation.