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University of Alabama
Biological Sciences
BSC 385
Carla Atkinson

[BSC 385] Comprehensive Final Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at oneclass.com BSC 385 Ecology and Evolution Introduction to Ecology Chapter 1 Concepts  What is ecology and why study ecology?  What important ideas will emerge in your study of ecology? Why Should I Care  Natural resource management (e.g., the relationship between biodiversity and ▯e▯osyste▯ servi▯es▯)  Environmental problems (e.g., climate change, pollution, invasive species)  Human health (e.g., emerging diseases, antibiotic resistance, gene x environment interactions, senescence) What is Ecology?  Ecology is the study of the interactions between an organism and its biological and physical environment  Abiotic (physical) environment o Temperature, water availability, soil, salinity, nutrients  Biotic (biological) environment o Predators, prey, parasites, pathogens, symbionts Ecology is Hierarchically Subdivided  Organismal ecology: interactions between individuals and their environment o Physiological ecology o Behavioral ecology  Population ecology: dynamics of a group of individuals of a single species o Population genetics, demography  Community ecology: interactions among a group of coexisting species  Ecosystem ecology: interactions between ecological communities and their abiotic environment  E▯osphere or ▯iosphere: su▯ of all Earth’s e▯osyste▯s Questions in Ecology and Evolution  How? o Look for underlying mechanisms o Often emphasize proximate causation o E.g., how do kangaroo rats obtain water? o How do elephant seals select mates? o How do barnacles disperse?  Why? o Address ultimate causation o Most sophisticated questions o Evolution often underlies answers to why questions find more resources at oneclass.com
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