CH 231 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Carbon, Stereoisomerism, Lone Pair

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Opposite charges attract: forming a covalent bond (i. e. sharing electrons, polar reaction, radical reaction, example 1. 2 the octet rule, electronegativity and covalent bonds. Ch 231-001 week 1 (8/22-8/24: example 1. 3 electronegativity, example 1. 4 types of bonds, bond dipoles, bond dipole ( ) vector quantity involving relative atomic charges and distances between two nuclei sharing a covalent bond. Ch 231-001 week 1 (8/22-8/24: bonds are longer between two different rows of elements. Ch 231-001 week 1 (8/22-8/24: example 1. 6 lewis structure. Chapter 1 continued: formal charge charge on an atom in a polyatomic ion or molecule, calculating formal charge. *always draw structures so that the heteroatom is attached to. *do not bisect in-plane bonds (solid lines) with a wedge and dash; Ch 231-001 week 3 notes: elements in the same row form stronger and shorter bonds to atoms in the same row than to atoms in different rows (h being the common exception)

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