CTD 461 Final: CTD 461 Exam #3 Review

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University of Alabama
Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
CTD 461

CTD 461 Exam #3 Review • Defects: major-results in product failure or reduce potential use of product. Minor-not likely to reduce the usability of the product. Latent-hidden defects that are not apparent until the material or product has been tested or used • Standard allowed minute: a unit for determining the time required for an operation & is the basis for production standards • Standard allowed hour: used when costing in dozens instead of individual units and is converted from SAM • Material interactions: the way in which materials that are combined in a product act and react when their performance is influenced by the presence of another material • Process interactions: the effect of a production process on the performance of a material and its effects on the performance of the finished product • User interactions: an examination of the ways in which product and user interact and influence consumer satisfaction with the product • Environment interactions: the manner in which the product interacts with the environment after it has been purchased by the consumer • Vendor inspection: an inspection of a production site • Du-pro inspection: in-process inspection-any visual evaluation or assessment of parts, components, or materials during production • Product inspection: a search for nonadherence to characteristics, dimensions, and other required parameters that can be detected with the eye and the use of simple measuring devices; a holistic visual analysis of a product to determine its adherence to requirements • Final inspection: an evaluation to ensure that a finished product meets required standards and specifications • Source inspection: the examination of materials, components, products, or documents at a supplier’s facility by an individual not employed by the supplier • Receiving inspection: a visual exa
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