CTD 461 Midterm: CTD 461 Exam #1 Review

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Clothing, Textiles and Interior Design
CTD 461

Quality & Key Information • They have a chromatic transference Textile Testing: Analysis and • Inspection of products after scale evaluation of material or product to production. Separates into firsts ➢A rating scale of 30 chips from assess its characteristic, quality, or and seconds Munsell Color Book in grey and 5 performance. Common practice used Quality Control vs. Quality Assurance other hues  red, yellow, green, to assess materials and products to • Quality assurance: Process of blue, purple minimize product failure and improve designing, producing, evaluating, Standards consumer satisfaction and checking products to • Set of characteristics or procedures • Reasons for testing: determine if they meet the desired that provide a basis for resources ➢Ensure that materials, process, and quality level for a company’s target and production decisions products meet requirements market ➢Company: general characteristics of ➢Retailers ensure that the product they buy meets expectations for Deming Cycle product or performance level • PLAN: Conduct consumer Industry: not common in the textile performance, size, fit and research/use the results in industry; no shrinkage standard consistency planning the product Voluntary: allows companies to • Characteristics of testing: • DO: Produce the product determine whether to adopt ➢Controlled atmosphere, trained • CHECK: Check the product to make Mandatory: adoption required by technicians, specialized equipment, law International: majority conform specimens from cut or sample fabric sure it meets criteria identified in the plan to standard regardless of where its piece, quick, consumer complaints, • ACT: Market the product from Standardization: process of forensic testing developing and applying rules for • Supplier testing: whoever is • ANALYZE: Analyze how the product is received in the marketplace in consistent and uniform approach to supplying raw goods but you have to terms of quality, cost, and other a specific activity for the benefit. trust their results In-house testing: criteria ➢It involves actions of the whole the most reliable type of testing group working toward the specific rd Perspectives Related to Quality Independent (contract) testing: 3 • Holistic: Quality is the overall goal. Enhances competition party; you don’t have to pay for characteristic of the product; Specifications: Precise statement of a overhead on equipment and testing set of requirements to be satisfied by a Reliability testing: ability to repeat recognize it when you see it • Product: Represented by the total of material, product, system, or service process with the s
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