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EN 102

Sabrina Berman Journal 6 “Working” for Women Chapters twenty-nine through thirty-two in The Genesis discuss how Jacob falls in love with Rachel, which leads him desiring her hand in marriage. Jacob and Rachel’s father composed a deal; if Jacob worked for Rachel’s father for seven years, he could marry her. To put this arrangement into modern day perspective, understand that on average, a working citizen of the United States makes $46,326.00 per year. If we were to equate that to how much Jacob worked for Rachel to be his wife in the year 2013, seven years would amount to approximately $324,282.00. Not only is that an absurd amount to pay for a woman (besides the fact a women’s hand in marriage should not be profitable), Jacob did not receive what he was paying for. Rachel’s father gave Leah (Rachel’s sister) to Jacob as a wife because traditionally, the older sister must be married first. Respectfully, Jacob worked another seven years to earn Rachel. In total, Jacob worked fourteen years, the equivalent of $648,564.00 in 2013, even when he was deprived of receiving her as a wife after the first seven years.Again, in today’s society, people will go to unimaginable lengths when they receive less than they financed. If our McDonald’s order has one less chicken nugget than we have ordered, we will march to the front of the line and receive a new set of food scornfully. When Jacob did not receive Rachel as a wife, he diligently worked another seven years for her. On another note, this story pointed out how drastically different society has become since the time of Jacob and Rachel. “Working” for a girl in 2013 is considered taking her on dates and earning her affection. It is also very bizarre that Rachel’s father would allow his two daughters to be married to the same man. This story highlights the drastic changes society has developed through out the years. Sabrina Berman Journal 10
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