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Sabrina Berman EN 102- Paper 4 S. McWaters March 22, 2013 1. “The Guiltless Pleasure” has earned its spot in Garden & Guns Magazine through Bragg’s incredible ethos, his strategic use of pathos, and humorous outlook of the southern lifestyle. This sentence meets the criteria of a standard thesis statement. It argues a claim, “’The Guiltless Pleasure’has earned its spot in Garden & Guns Magazine” and supports its declaration by stating the reasons, “through Bragg’s incredible ethos, his strategic use of pathos, and humorous outlook of the southern lifestyle” could be argued with two opposing sides, which makes it a decent thesis; it also lists reasons that explain and support the argument made. One aspect of the thesis that could be considered incorrect are the use of the words “ethos” and “pathos.” Instead of these words, the thesis statement could be rewritten as, “’The Guiltless Pleasure’deserves a spot in Garden & Guns Magazine through Bragg’s incredible credentials as a writer, his strategic technique of appealing to the audience’s emotions, and his humorous perspective of the southern lifestyle.” 2. “The author’s exceptional credentials instantly allow readers to understand his article is credible from the start. Immediately after the title, “The Guiltless Pleasure,” the article informs us that the author’s previous work is noted as merit-worthy: “written by Pulitzer Prize winning author Rick Bragg.” These sentences clearly support the first listing of the thesis’argument; “through Bragg’s incredible ethos,” the audience can trust Bragg’s thoughts from his credible background. People are uneasy when they approach any article, but because Bragg lists his credentials in the beginning of the paper, the readers can trust his work from the start. His credentials also support the thesis’argument to incorporate “The Guiltless Pleasure” into their magazine because his stature as a Pulitzer-winning writer would add value to the magazine’s reputation. Not only is Bragg demonstrating his stature as an important author, he is also a reliable source of information about southern culture. The article informs us that Bragg “grew up in theAlabama highlands” with the “working-class Southerners.” This statement also provides evidence of Bragg’s ethos, which as stated before, supports the first listing of reasons in the thesis, “through Bragg’s incredible ethos.” The magazine Garden & Guns’main theme is southern culture; “Bragg ‘grew up in theAlabama highlands,’” creates more evidence of his noticeable ethos. 3. As the employees of Garden & Guns Magazine, it is our duty to inform our wide range of readers about southern culture; So, what could be better than including an article written by the Pulitzer Prize-winning, born and raised, southern author Rick Bragg. Our readers are either looking for an escape from their lives and into the southern way of life, or they are true southern folks looking for their next dinner recipe. It is our job to inform them of how the south “truly” is, and Rick Bragg’s article about the complex use of mayonnaise, “The Guiltless Pleasure,” epitomizes our magazines theme. We need to include his entertaining, yet informative article about mayonnaise not only because of the delicious food he discusses, but his humorous style of writing and credible background. “The Guiltless Pleasure” has earned its spot in Garden & Guns Magazine through Bragg’s incredible ethos, his strategic use of pathos, and humorous outlook of the southern lifestyle. The reputation of southern culture can become exaggerated very easily. Garden & Guns Magazine strives to create a fantasy vision for its wide range of readers of the south. We need to incorporate an article with a credible author that can relate to our readers; Rick Bragg is a Pulitzer Prize winning author who also is from the deep south. Our audience consists of a wide range of demographics, therefore we need to create a southern facade for the people attempting to escape reality while at th
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