EN 207 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Shahnameh, Cesare Borgia, Orsini Family

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9 Feb 2017

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Question 1: Compare/Contrast Gilgamesh and Shahnameh, What makes a good ruler, how they
do/don’t grow into their leadership role
Gilgamesh: King of Uruk
Built big walls around his beautiful city, was a very wise and strong man
He started out as a very bad king
Took advantage of many women in the city
Forced hard labor on his people
He doesn’t become a good ruler until the very end when he realizes that he will never
become immortal.
At the very end he sees all the good in the city and the beautiful city that he has built.
Starts out strong and intelligent when he takes down Foor of China
Seems to be a good king when he redistributes the wealth of Foor to the people
Is outsmarted when he attempts to trick Queen Qaydafeh of Andalusia
He tells his servants to call him Bitqun so that he can trick the queen
Also tries to outsmart the Chinese king but fails once again
When he died his people were very sad
They saw him as their “king” and mourned his death
In conversation together:
What makes a good ruler
Have people follow you and respect your ideas
Gilgamesh: built a very big and beautiful city but people were scared of
him, he took advantage of women and forced his people into hard labor
Sekander: Sekander was very kind to his people, when he fought Foor he
spread the wealth around to his people, His people were proud to fight his
battles for him
Spread your wealth to other people
Gilgamesh: Gilgamesh did not do this
Sekander: Sekander spread his wealth
Not live selfishly (don’t let everyone else fight your battles)
Gilgamesh: Gilgamesh was only concerned with being the best and
receiving immortality
Sekander: Sekander was living to fight for everything by himself but his
army wanted to stand with him, when he died his army mourned
Question 2: Nagast v. Sunjata, Compare/Contrast the role of women in shaping the narrative
(plot or other characters)
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