HD 382 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Prenatal Vitamins, Prenatal Care, Birth Weight

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10 Jul 2018

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Becoming parents and parenting infants and toddlers: avoid teratogens during pregnancy, factors that can cause prenatal harm (viruses, drugs, chemicals, stressors, environmental hazards, ex. nicotine, caffeine, and drugs, nicotine is the most common teratogen exposure. Infants care in traditional cultures includes intensive physical nurturance of the infant, including: breast feeding on demand. It is now used in many intensive care units of hospitals around the world: promotes survival of at-risk infants, contributes to higher survival rates for preterm and low birth-weight infants. It often has a segregating influence on division of household labor. In contrast to the pattern in the united states, new mothers in asian cultures receive considerable assistance from extended family member. Infant carrying and co-sleeping has been positively related to physical and social-emotional development of infants in traditional cultures. Securely attached infants everywhere show confidence in engaging and exploring. If they are staying dryer for longer periods of time (especially overnight)

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