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MGT 320
Clint Hamner

Leslie Anne Mall CWID: 11462441 MGT 320 Final Exam Spring 2016 1. At the beginning of the spring semester, I described a good leader as someone who “uses his/her communication skills and positive attitude to bring a team of people together in order to accomplish a common goal.” I’ve now learned an entire semester’s worth of information about leadership and how it affects people in the workplace. Instead of choosing to change my definition of leadership, I want to add to it. A good leader uses his/her communication skills and positive attitude to bring a team of people together in order to accomplish a common goal. Leadership also may require teaching/mentoring team members in the skills necessary to meet the goal. In addition, a good leader communicates motivational information to team members and leads by example. A good leader also lets his/her personal character show through in these communications and inspires team members that they can accomplish more as a team than they can as individuals. Leaders may also need to have the courage to stand alone when no one understands their tactics. In my opinion, the ability of a leader to empower and encourage employees in all aspects of their work and life is one of the most crucial aspects to leading. I think this new definition is much better than my original definition because it incorporates several additional qualities that did not even cross my mind at the beginning of the semester. I have learned quite a bit about leadership and hope to incorporate what I have learned into my daily life. 2. Originally I listed my weaknesses as: inability to multi-task effectively, lack of delegation, and ability to be swayed. I still believe that I am weak when it comes to delegating tasks and my lack of a backbone, so to speak. For example, I worry that if parts of a project are delegated to multiple people someone will not perform at the same standard that I would. Therefore, I would actually prefer to complete the project on my own so that I know it will be completed in a thorough and proper manner. Another of my weaknesses is being easily swayed by others. If someone thinks I am being too harsh I will back down, even if their opinion was wrong. These are two weaknesses that I will likely continue to struggle with, but I am determined to overcome them as I am given more leadership roles and more experience. My original three strengths were communication, use of logic in decision- making, and ability to listen effectively. I still believe that these are my strengths in regard to leadership. I think having strong and open lines of communication and being able to listen effectively are very important skills in order to accomplish goals. If there is no communication between leaders and employees (or group members/friends in my case), then it is much more likely that there will be errors in the work and possibly problems within the group itself. Additionally, when I am faced with an important decision that needs to be made, I believe in using logic to its fullest extent. Jumping to a decision without fully comprehending all aspects or consequences will most likely result in complications further down the road so it is important to think major decisions through very carefully. Currently, I do not have any more strengths or weaknesses to add. I think my weaknesses are significant; however, I believe I can improve in each area. My strengths h
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