PHL 100 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Experience Machine, Evil Demon, Irreducible Complexity

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Explain why it seems as if the cosmological constants have been fine-tuned for life. It would be too coincidental for all of the constants to end up as exact as they did without some sort of fine-tuning from a greater, supernatural power. God of the gaps: using god as a crutch to explain phenomenon that you have no proof of. This is bad because it still leaves the question of where god came from or if there even is a god. It can also seem contradictory if you are trying to disprove the existence of god. Arguments from ignorance: i don"t know how how x came about, therefore, x must have been designed (by a perfect creator) Just because there is lack of a scientific explanation does not give reason to believe that god exists. Irreducible complexity arguments are not this sort of reasoning. They establish that there is no evolutionary explanation for the complexity of some biological phenomenon.

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