PSC 204 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Kenneth Waltz, Westphalian Sovereignty, Utopia

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Different levels from which the causes of war could originate. Discusses the cause of war conceptually, not the causes of specific wars. Classical realism: state behavior is rooted in human nature, there is something inherent in us that causes war {side note: morgenthau calls this the animus dominandi or the will to dominate. Will to power, and that in order to achieve their interests people seek to dominate each other. Think about it like a wrestling match with multiple fighters. Classical realists: flawed human nature, people have a will to dominate, and will fight each other because of their greed. We can never know when this will happen, so it is important to increase power to defend oneself from domination. Because the system is self-help, and states fear each other, they must increase their power to protect their interests. Sometimes states will pursue interest that threaten other states" interests and produce conflict.

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