AHI 105LEC Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Zeus, Homer, Poseidon

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Mythology 105- 9/6: mesopotamia, tigris and euphrates river, flat, open- storms, flooding, storm god : lightning bolts, standing on bull. Tiamat(salt water, mom), children became noisy so apsu killed them: 2. What kind of god is marduk: 3. Why does marduk cut tiamat in half: 4. Marduk creates five things what are they: 5. What is the role of mankind: marduk, ishtar, tiamat, powell, illustration 3. 5. Genesis- adam & eve, garden of eden, cain & Abel, and noah: patriarchal era abraham and his sons, joseph in egypt, exodus- moses. Powell: picture w/ gate ft. marduk- shamish(god of sun) flames coming out of shoulders. Egyptian myth: myth of creation- nun, atum, shu and tefnut, geb and nut, osiris, isis, and seth, horus, dark waters, atun> shu & tefnut > nut & geb > isis, osiris, seth, Nephthys, horus: gods: ra, hathor, anubis, toth, ma"at, amun, aton, akhenaton, 1350 bc. Lines 1-115: creation of the world and birth of the titans.

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