APY 275 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Wealth Inequality In The United States, Improved Sanitation, Franz Boas

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Wealth-health gradient the wealthier you are the healthier you are: when stressed, corisol levels are released and when under high stress, the corisol levels can become toxic and afect a person"s health. Monkeys who experience more stress have caroid arteries example of social status that gets embedded into your body. Children social status in children can afect their ability to learn. If there is a lot of stress early in life, it becomes a cycle and the corisol levels (ight or light response) rise. It can beneit you to focus but if there are high levels it can be toxic and inhibit their learning potenial. The risk of dying from heart disease is 1. 3 imes higher in african americans that. African americans are 1. 7 imes as likely as whites to develop diabetes. Hypertension rates are 1. 5-2. 0 imes higher among african americans than in whites.