ARC 234 Study Guide - Thermae, Ancient Roman Architecture, Giovanni Battista Piranesi

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Born from the squalor and suppression of the middle ages. Was not a new invention but rather a movement that was growing for centuries. Change of architecture from a craft with knowledge passed verbally in a guild of masons. Architecture became a profession for scholars and not just craftsmen. Architectural treaties were written for scholars and regular people rather than just architects. Unlike vitruvius"s 4 books that had no illustrations. Humanism and the study of nature influenced design. Wrote 10 books on architecture for people not in the profession. Written for scholars and commonwealth to understand architecture. Saw the use of nature as an interpretation of god, making architects gods themselves. Columns became pilasters and part of the wall. The wall was to be the most structural element visually. Palladio see"s the copying of nature as a search for geometry and applying it to architecture. Publishes 4 books on arch with his own works along with antiquity.

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