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University at Buffalo
ARC 241
Laura Garofalo Khan

Long Answer Questions: 10 min- highly detailed: Be able to Diagram / Draw / Outline: Designing with Climate, Sun, Air • Designing with climate: ( Review Case studies in Lecture PDFs for “design with climate”, and the Olgyay and Olgyay reading with it references) Outline and diagram: climate zones and specific building design strategies for a given climate zone. Siting specific examples presented in class by name and author (architect) and a brief description of them. Polar: Problem: • Strong cold winds • Snow • Extremely low temperatures Examples: Goal: Igloo: Ice lining, Tunnel Entry, Ventilation hole • Minimize heat loss Princess Elisabeth Polar Research Station: Wall Module • Deflect snow and cold air Cold (Snow Forest): Problem: • Cold Winds / Snow • Varied Temperatures Goal: • Conserve Heat • Keep out snow and rain • Allow for summer ventilation Examples: Plank and timber shelters of Pacific Coast Tribes: Grouping/ Siting Kwakiutl Village of Xumtaspi-Nawittl: Grouping/ Siting Pit House, Thompson Indians Nicola, 1890s: Grouping/ Siting Makenzy Basin, New Zeland Highlands: Building form- Thick Plan House on Lake Huron Mos Architects: Building form- Thin Plan Building Elements: • Roof • Floor Example: Houses with Sod Roofs, Iceland • Walls • Materials Example: House in Lodz, Poland Moomoo Architects Temperate: Problem: • Depends on the Microclimate • Less Demanding • Accommodate Variation in climate Examples: Eastern woods and plains dwellers villages (Iroquois) • Rain and Snow Charleston, SC • Summer heat and high humidity Malta, Mediterranean Sea Goal: • Winter: minimize heat loss/ allow solar access • Summer: Minimize insolation / Utilize ventilation • Manage Precipitation Building Form: • Thick Plan • Thin Plan Example: Green Belt House, California Ralph Rapson General Shelter Response Exemplary Shelter: Wigwam, North America, Central Plains Iroquois Longhouse/ Eastern woods Building Elements: Light Roof Walls Floor Example: Traditional Japanese House Curtain Wall House, Tokyo, Shigeru Ban, 1995 Weekend House, Le Corbusier, 1935 Paul Mitchel, Belair House, Australia, 2003 • Sun: (Review Solar Control and Shading Lectures) Solar Control and Shading Devices: Through written description and diagrams show the solar control strategies on a building that was presented in class. Need to know: o Both the climate region the building is in o Specific strategies used on the four different facades in relation to their orientation o The purpose or result of the given strategy o Architect name of the building o How to diagram and describe’ • Air: Ventilation strategies: through written description and diagrams show the natural ventilation strategies a building presented in class. o 3 Examples will be given o Know architect o Name of Building o How to diagram and describe components and performance. ***Note: Some examples of buildings with adequate amount of information f
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