BIO 200 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Armadillidiidae, Histogram, Microevolution

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Bio 200 - wednesday 12:30 pm quiz 3: you decided to run another experiment with pillbugs because they are simply incredible. This time, you decide to test the time it took for each pill bug to flip over as a prediction of how well the pill bug performed in the predation arena. Answer the following questions from the histogram you were able to generate below: (2 pts: using the data above, draw a fitness function with a bin size of 10. 10 15 = -5: true or false: (2 pts, our data from lab 3 showed that there was no variation in the dorsal plate numbers of pill bugs. This finding indicates that this trait has likely been under a high selection pressure. (1 pt: if a population is found to be at hardy-weinberg equilibrium, this indicates that the population is evolving. (1 pt) Bio 200 - wednesday 12:30 pm quiz 3: fill in the blank: (1pt)

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