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Biological Sciences
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BIO 203 Sample Exam Questions The following questions are representative in type and difficulty of those that will appear on the actual exams. Exams will consist of both multiple choice and short answer questions. When needed, important equations will be provided on the exam. Students must be capable of choosing the proper equation(s) to use, of using the equation(s) to calculate a quantitatively-correct answer (including units), and of interpreting the result. 1. In a positive feedback system: a. change is resisted b. change is enhanced c. an initial change is counteracted d. change is created slowly e. a sensor is deregulated 2. Carrier-mediated transport: a. is dependent on the amount of lipids in the membrane b. is generally carried out by membrane proteins c. occurs only down concentration gradients d. is always passive e. always requires energy 3. At the peak of an action potential: a. Na channels open and K channels close + + b. Na c+annels close and K cha+nels close c. Na channels open and K channels open d. Na channels close and K channels open e. none of the above 4. A reflex arc: a. can consist of as little as a single neuronal cell interacting with receptor and effector cells b. is always located in the higher centers of the brain c. is always under the command of integrative centers in the brain d. is only present in vertebrates e. none of the above 5. You would expect the retina of a nocturnal vertebrate to have: a. more cones than rods b. approximately equal numbers of cones and rods c. more rods than cones d. more ganglion cells than rods e. sharp color vision at night + 6.
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