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Biological Sciences
BIO 215
Professor Snyder

Lab 0 03/07/2014 Egg-White Proteins Most of the protein in the yolk is synthesized in the liver of the hen and is transported to the ovary for secretion into maturing oocyte Egg White – simple in composition, containing about a dozen different kinds of proteins In Biochem lab – devise protocols for separating those proteins based on differences in MW and net charge at particular pH Name Function MW Net Charge at E 1% % of protein pH 7 Abs Lysozyme Kills bacteria 14,314 Positive (+7.5) 26 3.5 Ovomucoid Inhibit proteases 20,101 Negative (-8) 3.6 11 Ovalbumin Source of amino 42.737 Negative (-8.5) 6.2 54 acids Ovotransferrin Iron Transport 75,819 Positive (+3) 10.7 13 Egg white = 80 mg/ml in protein Ovalbumin makes 54% of that protein Ovalbumin – major source of amino acids for the growing chick embryo Lysozyme – means cut
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