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University at Buffalo
Environmental Design
END 279
Kerry Traynor

Regional Governance and planning context: Governance Challenges:  Weak commitment to formal planning -32 years between regional plans (1974–2006); CNF: 1-Comp Plan Rewrite (1950-1990)  Political Multiplicity & Fractured Leadership -64 Independent Municipal Governments_Socio-economic Segregation and Sprawl  Weak statutory framework for planning -No Formal Multi-jurisdictional Structures_Diminishing Tax-base and Weak Implementation Capacity  Socio-economic Dislocation & Bi-National Dichotomy -WNY Industrial Base Collapsed; losing jobs and population since 1970’s_Greater Golden Horseshoe, the 3 fastest growing metro in North America; adding over 3-Million since 1990; Projected to add nearly 4-Million more by 2030_WNY: Love Canal Disaster – 1976 GGH: CN Tower Opens – 1976 Planning Challenges: Population: —shrinking, —aging, and increasingly poorer, which results in: Social dislocation, housing entropy, rural sprawl, and urban decay; Inefficient & Expensive Infrastructure w/ uneven cost/benefit- Overbuilt, older & underutilized. Under-sized, newer & overcapacity.; Economy: Heavy Industrial & Manufacturing based, —not very diverse historically; Derelict neighborhoods and industrial districts Niagara Falls plans  Tourism development; Waterfront regeneration; Environmental repair; Heritage preservation; Infrastructure improvement ALL: WATERFRONT FOCUS - State & Federal Financial Assistance - Identify Opportunities / Challenges -Improve Env. Quality / Shoreline Access - Visualize the Future… COMMOM ISSUES - Existing Co;dImplementing Actions; Public Consultation; Brownfield Redevelopment; Community Development ALL: CITYWIDE FOCUS - Alt. Land Use Policies / Smart Growth; - Housing Renewal & Preservation;- Multi-modal Transportation Policies;- Identify Economic Drivers What is the problem? • Massive tax-delinquency in Erie County- 57.8 million • Contagious blight • Deterioration of property • Mortgage/Housing Crisis and Market Destabilization Vacant Properties Not every lien results in a vacant property, but every vacant property has the potential to become an EXPENSIVE problem: • Lost property value and tax revenue; Increased fire/police/health services Roles of Land Banks • Rational alternative to the public auction; Agent to catalyze local and regional
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