ES 310 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Vo2 Max, Fraction Of Inspired Oxygen, Atmospheric Pressure

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Can you derive the equations for calculating vo2 using the haldane transformation: define and understand. Feco2- fraction of expired carbon dioxide gas analyzer. Ph2o- partial pressure of water vapor 19. 8mmhg @ 22 degrees c. Vatps= ve under conditions vstpd= standardized to compare vo2 values from different places or times: what are typical vo2max values for. Elite distance runners- males: 83 females: 62. Garden variety college students- males: 45 females: 38. Leveling off of vo2 from 1 workload to the next ( <150 ml/ min) 7,200 feet above sea level about 2,200 meters about 575mmhg barometric pressure. Charles"s law: the volume a gas occupies is directly proportional to gas temperature (t1/ v1)= (t2/v2) Boyle"s law: the volume a gas occupies is inversely proportional to pressure (p1v1)=(p2v2) as barometric pressure ^ the volume v. Increasing the hb concentration is the most effective way to increase vo2, it does not effect diffusion but it does effect the number of transporting cells. (13. 3% increase)