ES 342 Study Guide - Final Guide: Myasthenia Gravis, Neuromuscular Junction, Cranial Nerves

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Site where the spinal motor nerve terminal meets a muscle fiber. Where the efferent nerve terminal evokes a muscle contraction. Contraction accomplished through the production of an excitatory synaptic potential called an. End-plate potential (epp) an epsp but called an epp. Normal skeletal muscle fiber, the epp always reaches threshold for the production of an ap which then propagates along the muscle fiber and triggers muscle contraction. 1:5(better control, oculomotor muscles and visual tracking)- 1:2000 (remain upright posture, antigravity, large bulky muscles) Post-synaptic potentials on nmj: (changes on resting membrane/muscle membrane what"s happening on the muscle) Depolarization that occurs on muscle membrane with arrival of an ap in terminal area of spinal motor nerve. Release of 150-300q of ach(2000 molecules) binding to nach. Nach opens-- na/ k=depolarization (na floods in and changes permeability on muscle membrane) Are random events of one vesicle unrelated to ap and doesn"t lead to threshold.

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