GEO 103LEC Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Infant Mortality, Economic Geography, Demographic Transition

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Geo 103/ Test 1: Review
Lectures 1-3
Different approaches to economic geography
Definitions of First, Second, Third, Fourth worlds
Maps Mercator vs cylindrical projections
Absolute vs relative distance
Factors of production
Globalization interconnected dimensions, what factors drive it?
Different types of economic systems
Lectures 4-5
Factors that influence population distribution
Definitions and calculations e.g. population density, fertility rate, population growth,
doubling time, infant mortality rate, birth and death rates, natural increase etc
Need to know a few geographical facts e.g. large/small countries, high/low population
Concept of carrying capacity and resources (definitions of resources e.g. renewable and
non-renewable resources)
Mathusian vs Neo-Malthusian approaches to population
Population pyramids to interpret different structures
Migration push-pull factors, historical migration patterns to the USA, scale of migration
Demographic transition model describe each stage in detail
Video on Japan’s fertility
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