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GEO 334 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Stereotype, Western People, The Negotiation

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GEO 334
michael lecky
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Chapter 3: Understanding the Role of Culture
Social Media brings change to Saudi’s Culture
- penetrated Saudi Arabia- 88% is on Facebook, 81% on Twitter, 78% on Google
Culture- A set of shared values, understandings, assumptions, and goals that are
learned from earlier generations, imposed by present members of a society, and passed
on to succeeding generations

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Cultural Intelligence- knowing how to have working knowledge of the cultural variables
affecting management decisions and how to use that knowledge to adapt behaviors and
expectations accordingly
Cultural Quotient- a measure of how well a person can adapt and manage effectively
in culturally diverse settings
Cultural sensitivity, or cultural empathy, is the awareness of and an honest caring
about another individual’s culture. Sensitivity requires the ability to understand the
perspective of those living in other (and very different) societies and the willingness to
put oneself in another’s shoes.
-Lack of cultural sensitivity costs businesses money and opportunities→ important
to do cross-cultural training
**Cultural Diffusion- globalization- things that cross borders
**Creolization- When immigrants adopt some aspects of the local culture while
keeping aspects of their culture of origin
Ex. France protects their local cultural really fiercely and prevents outside from
influencing and forces immigrants to adopt it as well
Organizational culture represents those expectations, norms, and goals held in
common by members of that group
The Effect of Culture on Organizational Process

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U.S. Culture
Function Affected
Individual influences future
Life is preordained
Planning, scheduling
The environment is
People adjust to the
Morale, productivity
Hard work leads to success
Wisdom and luck are also
Motivation, rewards
Employment can be ended
Employment is for a
Promotions, recruitment
Cultural distance- talks about how different two cultures are
Contingency Management- instead of managers assuming they can just bring
American values to a new country, they should practice contingency management
-requires managers to adapt to the local environment and people and
manage accordingly
Culture’s Effect on Management
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