GLY 101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Renewable Energy, Biofuel, Soot

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Energy Resources
Renewable Energy vs Nonrenewable Energy
- Hydropower - Oil
- Wind power - Gas
- Marine power - Coal
- Solar power
- Biofuel
Pros and Cons of Renewable energy
- Are renewable and easily regenerated
- Produce clean energy that does not pollute environment
- Available everywhere throughout the world
- Maintenance cost needed to install and use renewable energy is
relatively cheap in comparison to fossil fuel extraction, transportation,
and processing
- Difficult to produce the energy quantity
- Technology required to trap renewable energy is costly
- Most renewable sources of energy are affected by weather
Pros and Cons of Nonrenewable energy
- Burn without any soot, hence less environmental pollution
- Are easy to transport from one area to another
- Cost of producing nonrenewable energy is low since they are naturally
find more resources at
find more resources at
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