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What is climate: slowly varying aspects of the atmosphere-hydrosphere-land surface system, kilma, the weather averaged over a period of time, standard averaging period is 30 years, climate= probability distribution, statistical description of the atmosphere. Weather: the exact state of the atmosphere at a particular time. Amount of temp change per unit of height in the troposphere known as the lapse rate. Influences on temperature: adiabatic cooling: air cools 6-10 degrees c per km in altitude, due to pressure drop (inverse: higher pressure warms air, solar heating: above the tropopause, solar radiation directly heats the air. Electromagnetic energy absorbed in the stratosphere and troposphere. Troposhpere: temperature decreases with height adiabatic cooling, lapse rate: 3. 6 degrees fahrenheit/ 1000ft or 10 degrees. Atmosphere gases can be variable: the concentration of some atmospheric gasses varies through time, usually in tiny amounts, examples: water vapor - . 25%: weather. Ozone (o3) 0. 01%; protection: ozone whole little to do with climate change but protection.

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