LIN 200 Study Guide - Final Guide: Ingroups And Outgroups, Colloquialism, Constant Contact

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1: minorities should assimilate (as quickly as possible) to the way of life, the language and the. Ideal society/country should have a single culture/way of life (language & dialect) Some assimilationists regard the dominant way of life that they advocate as inherently superior to others (dominant way not need to be better, happen to be dominant) Multiculturalism: cultural diversity within a society is a good thing (have differences; positive, non-dominant groups should be permitted and encouraged to maintain their distinct cultures languages and dialects. Diglossia two languages are used for different well-defined functions. Asl american sign language; has its own grammar, lexicon, distinctness. --1860s, became favored approach to deaf education: teaching deaf to read lips and speak. --has its own culture and its own language (asl is the language of deaf community in the us) --many members of deaf community cannot easily become fully proficient in spoken english (linguistic) variation. --vary pronunciation/accent, word choice/lexicon, or morphology and syntax/grammar.