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UBMGQ 301Cichocki DiannaFall

MGQ 301 Study Guide - Final Guide: Explained Variation, Confidence Interval, Standard Deviation

OC3531872 Page
19 Dec 2016
P-value: probability more extreme than the test statistic (cid:532)when p is low the null must go! (cid:533) Right: =norm. s. inv (1-alpha) =t. inv (1-
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UBMGQ 301AllFall

MGQ 301 Study Guide - Final Guide: Statistical Hypothesis Testing, Analysis Of Variance, Test Statistic

OC3138804 Page
11 Sep 2013
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UBMGQ 301AllFall

Study Guide (93% on the test)

OC3138802 Page
7 Oct 2012
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