MIC 401 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Meningococcal Disease, Neisseria Meningitidis, Neisseria Gonorrhoeae

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Fasidious growth requirements grow at 37 degrees in 5% co2 and require highly enriched media. Fragile do not survive well in hosile growth condiions: cold/hot temperatures, uv light, dry/arid condiions. Neisseria: meningiidis vaccination available, gonorrhoeae - only human hosts. Majority of meningococcal disease in us is caused by strains. Gram (-) diplococcic cultured on thayer marin selecive media. Localized and systemic infecions gonococci can evade immune system producing capsular serogroups b>c>y. May be immunogenic and elicit protecive anibodies. Untreated can result in disseminated disease and cause permanent. Transmission direct contact with respiratory secreions or infected person few people exposed to it develop disease. Meningococcal disease caused by infecion with n. meningiidis. Cause of meningiis and sepsis (blood infecion); high mortality even with animicrobial therapy damage and inferility in both male and female. Gonococcal disease in men: acute urethriis pus illed urethral discharge a. Localized inlammaion and painful urinaion: untreated gonococcal infecion may resolve on its own, increase risk of.

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