NSG 250 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Deciduous Teeth, Footedness, Toilet Training

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Chapter 6: preschoolers (2-6 yrs: physical development, changes in the body. Children"s rate of growth slows compared to the first 2 yrs. Each yr grow 2. 5 kg and 7-8 cms. Ossification: cartilage is replaced by bone (calcium phosphate and stretchy collagen) Body elongates, more proportional with head, lose baby fat. Greater proportion of the upper body than the lower body. High center of gravity: affects balance changes as the child ages and develops. They tip forward when they make quick stops and tip backwards when catching a big ball. 20 deciduous teeth baby teeth: brain development. Age 5, the child"s brain is almost the size of an adult"s. The brain growth spurt: involves both the rapid development of interconnections among neurons and the pruning away of connections that are not needed plasticity is higher in early childhood. Lateralization: the process where specific skills and competencies become localized in a particular cerebral hemisphere (motor and sensitive)

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