NTR 109 Study Guide - Final Guide: Lunch Meat, Foodborne Illness, Egg Salad

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76 million illnesses per year in the us from foodborne illness. Of all flu/ gi illnesses caused from foodborne illness. Us still one of the safest food supplies in the world. Usually results from unsafe food handling in the home. Oversees everything else and bottled water (except meat, poultry and egg) identify outbreaks and figure out what went wrong. Causes of foodborne illness: mishandling of foods, preference for rare meats, use of immunosuppressant medications, increase number of older adults, mass production and distribution. Where can things go wrong: raw material intake, sorting and grading, packing, cooling/chilling or freezing, washing, storage, transport, grocery store, home or restaurant. Foods most likely to become unsafe: milk and dairy, eggs, poultry, beef (ground beef, increased surface area, fish, shellfish, sprouts, sliced melons, cut leafy greens. Prevention: employees with hepatitis a can"t work, wash hands, shellfish from reputable sources. Food sources: bacteria found in cattle, poultry, eggs (most common, raw milk, water, soil.

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