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NTR 402 Final: Lecture 21

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NTR 402
Melissa Genoveses

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21. Nutrition Older Adults Conditions Interventions 1) The Importance of Nutrition a) Good nutrition can ameliorate effects of illness contribute to quality of life i) Quality of lifemeasure of life satisfaction on factors such as social contacts, economic security, functional status b) Outcome data on effectiveness of MNT (medical nutrition therapy) has resulted in Medicare reimbursements to people with diabetes and kidney disease for MNT services i) MNT: meeting with a dietitian c) Health related i) Diet impacts many chronic conditions ii) Leading causes of death for those 65: (1) Diet related (a) Heart disease (b) Cancer (2) Respiratory disease smoking related (3) Cerebrovascular disease (a) Affect nutrition intake (4) Alzheimers (5) Diabetes (a) Strong diet connection (b) Diet can improve quality of life (6) In Bold means related to diet and nutrition 2) Heart Disease a) Potentially reversible by adopting a healthy lifestyle b) Prevalence i) Varies by race and gender c) Risk factors i) Hypertension: >=14090 mmHg ii) High LD cholesterol >=130 mgdL iii) Diabetes iv) Race: African American d) Nutritional remedies i) Assertive treatment can modify the course of heart disease at any age. ii) Older adults may have more comorbid conditions. iii) Nutrition interventions are not inherently different for older or younger adults. iv) Diet Recommendations (1) Focus on diet rick in (a) Fruits (b) Vegetables (i) May be hard to chew (ii) Fibers are important for heart disease (c) Whole grains (d) Fish (e) Low fat dairy (f) Lean poultry (g) Nuts and legumes
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