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NTR 402 Final: Lecture 17

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University at Buffalo
NTR 402
Melissa Genoveses

Lecture 17Adolescence Puberty obesity Severe obesity Bariatric surgery 1) Key nutrition concept for adolescence a) Unhealthy eating behaviors common among adolescents include frequent dieting, meal skipping, use of unhealthy dieting practices, and frequent consumption of foods high in fat and sugar, such as fast foods, soft drinks, and savory snacks. b) Key Terms i) Adolescence (1) Period between 11 21 years of age (2) A time of profound biological, emotional, social, and cognitive changes ii) Puberty (1) Time frame during which the body matures from that of a child to an adult (2) The period at the beginning of adolescence when the sex glands become functional and the secondary sexual characteristics emerge. c) Biological changes i) Sexual maturation ii) Growth (increase in heightweight) iii) Accumulation of skeletal mass (1) Bone density increases (2) Key period (3) Occurs in later twenties iv) Changes in body composition (1) Muscle mass vs. fat stores (2) Fat is important for women for normal menstrual cycle (3) More muscle mass in men d) Calorie requirement i) Adolescences have the highest total calorie requirements (1) Infant needed the highest caloriekg ii) 20003000 kcalday e) Wide age range i) For girls (1) 10.514 (2) Depends on the beginning of the menstrual cycle ii) For boys (1) 1216.5 f) Peer influence is important 2) Changes in weight, body composition and skeletal muscles a) In females i) Peak weight gain follows linear growth spurt by 3 to 6 months with a gain of ~18.3 pounds per year ii) Females experience a 44 increase in lean body mass (LBM) a 120 increase in body fat iii) A level of 17 body fat is required for menarche to occur iv) 25 body fat needed to maintain normal menstrual cycles
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