PHI 240LEC Study Guide - Final Guide: Stipulative Definition, Compatibilism, David Buss

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Phi 240 Practice Exam #3 Barnes, Buss, Sinnot-Armstrong, Caplan
Directions: right you name in the top left corner. Write out in block letters, not cursive, “TRUE” or
FALSE”. Do not just write the letters “T or F, in the left margin of the true/false questions.
Failure to follow the directions will cost you a point for each kind of infraction.
Multiple Choice Questions
1P. Caplan considers aging to be:
a. a disease
b. fortunate for it brings death and thus frees us from a boring immortality
c. proper functioning
d. healthy
2P. Hershenov criticized Caplan’s view of aging for failing to recognize:
a. that it is neither functional nor dysfunctional
b. that it is natural and good
c. that it is neither good nor bad
d. that it is a disease
3P. Caplan claims that aging resembles pathological processes in that it produces:
a. discomfort or suffering
b. clear cut structural change
c. functional impairment
d. all of the above
4P. Busss thesis is that autonomy is:
a. grounded in the healthy functioning that causes us to recognize certain reasons for action
b. acting in a way that approximates an idealized conception of agency
c. the same as being blameworthy
d. acting in an intentional and voluntary manner way for a reason
5P. Buss rejects the endorsement model of autonomy because:
a. of the problem of a regress
b. second-order desires could be the products of manipulation
c. regret, ambivalence, and weakness of the will are compatible with autonomy
d. all of the above
6P. The Mere-Difference View of Disability understands disability to be:
a. without any intrinsic goods
b. a valuable part of human diversity that should be celebrated and preserved
c. a form of racism
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d. a form of sexism
7P. Barnes believes that a non-interference rule explains why:
a. it is wrong to cause the non-disabled to become disabled
b. people should be taxed to raise funds to help the disabled
c. it is wrong to discriminate against the disabled
d. all of the above
8P. One reason why Barnes is opposed to “curingdisabilities is that:
a the availability of a cure would pressure the disabled to change
b. it costs too much
c. it is wrong to operate upon anyone without their consent
d. society lacks the the technology to safely cure the disabled
9P. The Mere-Difference Account of disability has been criticized for failing to recognize that:
a. disabilities can dramatically lessen life spans and this can’t be compensated for even in a society
without ableism
b. most disabled people want to be cured
c. disabled people are not competent to judge whether it is better to be disabled or non-disabled
d. one can only judge whether is is better to be disabled or non-disabled if one has been both
10P.Sinnot-Armstrong believes that the appropriate definition for addiction should be a:
a. precising (theoretical) definition
b. dictionary definition
c. stipulative definition
d. all of the above in different contexts
True/False Questions
11P. Caplan suggests that some people advocate a right to die upon the grounds that aging and
dying are natural
12P. Compatibilist accounts of free will (or autonomy) maintain that one can be determined and free
(or autonomous).
13P. Buss believes that the true self is a species-typical healthy self.
14P. Hershenov claimed that diseases are alien to our nature only in the sense that we are essentially
living beings while diseases are defined as making it less likely that we will survive.
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