PSY 332 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Hypomania, Major Depressive Episode, Mania

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Based on mood episode (constellation of symptoms syndrome) Depressive disorder, nos (unipolar disorder), involve only depression. Bipolar disorders mania episode of increased mood activity, depressive, psychotic symptoms like delusion and hallucination. Weight loss or gain (or appetite change) Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide (desire to die) These all have to be new or diff from usual. At least 5 symptoms (of the 9) One must be either depressed mood or anhedonia lasting most of the day almost every day . Not accounted for by another disorder, medical problem, or substance use. Elevated, expansive or irritable mood and increased goal directed activity or energy. Last at least 1 week or requires hospitalization. At least 3 other symptoms (4 if irritable only) Not accounted for by another disorder, medical condition or substance. Same symptoms as manic episode but different criteria. Mood disturbance lasts at least 4 days. Not due to a medical condition or substance.

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