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Chapter 13 Surface dyslexia Phonological dyslexia Brain Region associated with Aphasia AGRAMMATISM Difficulty comprehending or properly employing grammatical devices ANOMIA Difficulty finding (remembering) the appropriate word to describe an object, action or attributes APHASIA Difficulty in producing or comprehending speech not caused by deafness or a simple motor deficit Caused by brain damage ARCUATE Abundle of axons that connects wernick’s area with broca’s area FASCICULUS If damage, caused conduction aphasia AUTOTOPAGNOSIA Inability to name body parts or to identify body parts that another person names BROCA S APHASIA Aform of aphasia characterized by agrammatism, anomia, and extreme difficulty in speech articulation BROCA S AREA Aregion of frontal cortex, located rostral to the base of the left primary motor cortex Necessary for normal speech production CIRCUMLOCUTION Astrategy by which people with anomia find alternative ways to say something when they are unable to think of the most appropriate word CONDUCTION An aphasia characterized by an inability to repeat words that are heard but the APHASIA ability to speak normally and comprehend speech of others CONTENT WORD Words that convey meaning DEVELOPMENTAL Areading difficulty in a person of normal intelligence and perceptual ability DYSLEXIA
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