SOC 101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ahome, Knitting, Gilmore Girls

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9 Apr 2017

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Courts: notice how there"re different institutions & org at each stage of the process, mass incarceration: extreme rates of imprisonment in the us (comparatively. & historically), & the concentration of imprisonment among young, african. American men living in neighborhoods of concentrated disadvantage: recidivism - when a person who was previously convicted of a crime reoffends once again. 76. 9% of drug offenders, 73. 6% of public order offenders and 71. 3% of violent offenders: conflict theory vs. functionalism, applied to ex. of criminal justice system, conflict theory argues that institutions such as the criminal. Justice system reproduces social inequality among the same groups in each generation (perpetuating conflict between groups with different levels of power, based on factors such as race, class, and gender: functionalism argues that institutions such as the criminal. 14) has a nine-hole regulation golf course: horace mann in ny (#2) has a nature laboratory comprising.

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