SOC 101 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Christian Fundamentalism, Mikveh, Orthodox Judaism

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11 Oct 2018

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There is something obvious and inherent in an act, belief, or condition that deems it wrong or morally suspect . Why: authority, higher power (god, law, nature. Deviance is consistent: globally(across all cultures, eternally, situationally(specific event with specific actors) ex:abortion: morally not okay, should not be allowed for anyone. Reactive definition of deviance: deviance lies within the reaction, deviance is based on perspective i. Every action is approved of in some circles and disapproved of by others. Deviance varies: culturally, historically, situationally ex: everyone has different views, cannot apply your beliefs to everyone essentialist constructionist. Only sexual acts that result in procreation. 2 weeks out of a month when wife is least fertile= unclean no sexual relations. Us- loss of virginity around age 16 (15 for males, 17 for females) East asian countries- loss of virginity around age of 26. Situationally boys okay with underage sex until they are fathers(especially to teenage girls)