SOC 101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Harold Garfinkel, Social Control Theory, Ritualism In The Church Of England

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3 Nov 2014

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Deviance the violation of norms ( rules or expectations) Crime the violation of norms written into law ( specific form of deviance) Stigma: 3 types according to erving goffman: physical scars, blemishes, anorexia etc, personal- mental illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, tribal- traits of ethic groups, nationality or religion that is deemed to be deviant from normative ethnicity. Shaman an individual thought to be able to influence spiritual forces. Degradation ceremony- a term presented by harold garfinkel to refer to a ritual whose goal is to remake someone"s self by stripping away that individual"s self- identity and stamping new identity in its place. Differential association theory: edwin suthernland"s term to indicate that people who associate with some groups learn an excess of definitions of deviance, increasing the likelihood that they will become deviant. Involvement: participating in approved activities: beliefs: convictions that certain actions are wrong.

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