SOC 101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Foot Binding, Glass Ceiling, Escalator

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3 Nov 2014

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Gender- gender = cultural expectations for how to behave as women and men. Nature v. nurture- debate that refers to whether differences om the behaviors of females and males are caused by inherited ( biological ) or learned (cultural) characteristics. Gender stratification- male"s and female"s unequal access to property, power and prestige. Glass ceiling- the mostly invisible barrier that keeps women from advancing to the top levels at work. Double bind- when women in position of power are caught between being successful and performing femininity in a way that doesn"t compromise their success. Maternal wall-the fact that women have children, they face serious biases- their wages stop rising because the now have more important responsibilities . Glass escalator- refers to the fact that men that work women jobs are still paid more than women an. Double jeopardy when people are not only suffering from gender bias, but also racial bias as well.