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Europe in the middle ages 1: carolingians and invasions. Friendly neighborhood hordes: vandals in north africa, visigoths in spain, angles/saxons/jutes invading england. Franks taking much of w. germany and n. france. Romans and their neighbors: rome has been surrounded by germanic people since beginning, but they could also be treated as allies. Law code: crimes were against the individual: germanic people had tribe culture (in general, chief: leader/strongest, wergeld: literal price to pay for murder (avoids blood feuds, wealth based on cattle, widows could own property. The hiring of german troops as foederati (auxiliaries) Taking in german refugees from war within german world (laeti) The germans had a long time to observe the romans and their advantages. Invasions not simply smash and burn, but included assimilation. Theodoric the great (454 ad- 526 ad) establishes the ostrogothic kingdom in italy. Sent to dethrone odoacer by zeno in 488 ad: by 493 ravenna (a former roman admin.

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