UGC 111 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Diocletian, Arabian Peninsula, Seljuq Dynasty

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Seleucus traded easternmost province of his kingdom for 500 war elephants to chandragupta maurya. Caste: social structure of the ime; aka varna. Jai: sub-castes; can move between these but not between castes. Jainism: extreme form of hinduism that says that every single thing has a soul (grass, rocks, etc. ) Chandragupta maurya: key igure in mauryan empire (not to be confused with chandragupta -> key igure in gupta empire) Ashoka: grandson of chandragupta maurya; visited kalinga on east coast, so awful condiions that he converted to buddhism (more paciisic than his ancestors" religion/way of life); constructed pillars throughout his empire. Dictator: originally meant a state oicer; given supreme power by the senate for a set period of ime (i. e. cincinnatus the lovable dictator who gave back power) Emperor: originally meant having the senate"s power (1st real emperor was octavian/augustus); tiberius is the irst one who really calls himself emperor.

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