CHEM 1003 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Global Warming Potential, Intermolecular Force, Radical Initiator

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Polymer and Monomer
3 major feats
1. What is the monomer
2. How are they connected
3. What is the shape
Saturated (no double bonds) vs. Unsaturated (double bonds)
HCl vs. H2O
If Carb. Acid = H20
If Acid Chloride = HCL
Condensation Polymerization
Molecule is eliminated for every new bond between monomers found
Can be 2 different monomers or multiple
Monomers form cov. bonds
Monomer needs 1 of the following
o Alc/amine + carb. Acid
o Alc/amine + acid halide
If amine = polyamide
If alc = polyester
Chop at amide or ester bonds to form polymer
o Carb acid + alc
o Acid chloride + alc
o Carb acid + amine
o Acid chloride + amine
Addition Polymerization
Begins with radical initiator (R)
Needs a double bond
No loss of molecules
HTHT or HTTH or random
2 monomers combined
Molecules with 1000s of atoms
Has high molecular mass
Can be melted and reshaped without degradation of polymer chain
Allows to be easily recycled
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