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Biological Sciences Program
BSCI 201
Justicia Opoku

Practical Review SKULL BONY THORAX (Axial) Frontal Bone Sternum Parietal Bone - Jugular Notch Temporal Bone - Manubrium - Zygomatic Process- cheekbone - Xiphoid Process - Mandibular Fossa- socket for Ribs mandibular condyle - Tubercle of rib - Mastoid Process- projection inferior to - Head of rib ear - Intervertebral discs- pads of - Jugular Foramen- larger bean shaped fibrocartilage cushion vertebrae and area on bottom of skull absorb shock - Carotid canal- smaller circle shape on Sacrum (axial)- bone formed from fusion of 5 bottom of skull vertebrae Occipital Bone- bottom of skull Coccyx (axial)- fusion of 3-5 irregular - Foramen Magnum- opening for spinal vertebrae, human tailbone cord - Occipital Condyles- projection lateral PECTORAL GIRDLE (Appendicular) to foramen magnum - attach upper limb to axial skeleton Sphenoid Bone- bat shaped, anterior plateau Clavicle of middle cranial fossa - Acromial End - Greater and lesser wings - Sternal End - Optic Canal- opening in bases of lesser - Conoid Tubercle wings Scapula p. 125 Ethmoid Bone- above nose, sinus - Acromion - Crista Galli: “cock’s comb”- top tip of - Coracoid Process- beaklike end (like a ethmoid “crow”) Hyoid Bone- in the throat above the larynx, - Glenoid Cavity- rounded end for point of attachment for tongue and neck attachment muscles (not Facial Bone) ARM FACIAL BONES Humerus (p.126)- ball of humerus face Mandible- lower jawbone medially into joint - Mandibular condyle- attachment of - Greater Tubercle mandible with mandibular fossa - Head of Humerus - Mental foramen- opening in lower - Radial Groove jawbone - Deltoid Tuberosity Maxillae- form upper jawbone - Trochlea- the knuckles (face forward) - Infraorbital foramen- opening on upper FOREARM cheekbone Radius- head (mushroom cap) Palatine Bone- horizontal plate of hard plate, - Radial Tuberosity- notch under mandible - Ulnar Notch Nasal Bone Ulna- head (u- shaped) Lacrimal Bone- form medial walls of nasal - Trochlear Notch bone, lower end of eye sockets - Radial Notch Vomer Bone- blade shaped, form nasal Hand septum - Carpal Inferior Nasal Conchae- above vomer, thin - Metacarpal- know the numbers curved bones protruding from nasal cavity - Phalanges- know numbers, position Paranasal Sinuses- maxillary, sphenoid, (proximal, middle, distal) ethmoid, frontal PELVIC GIRDLE (Appendicular) VERTEBRAL COLUMN Ilium Transverse Process- lateral projection Ischium from vertebral arch Pubis- pubic bone Spinous Process- medial and posterior projection from arch THIGH Superior Articular Process – face toward Femur- head faces medially, knuckles face spinous process back Inferior Articular Process- face away - Fovea Capitis- the dents in head Vertebral Arch- curved area above foramen - Head Vertebral Foramen- opening for spinal cord - Greater Trochanter Body (centrum) - Patellar Surface Intervertebral Foramina- openings for spinal - Lateral/ Medial Epicondyle nerve to leave spinal cord btwn vertebrae - Lateral/ Medial Condyle Cervical Vertebrae Patella- knee (semasoid bone, special short - Transverse Foramen- holes on sides bone in tendon of body - Atlas- joint enables nodding “yes” LEG o Lateral Masses- receive Tibia (bigger than fibula) occipital condyles of skull - Tibial Tuberosity- small bump - Axis- enables shaking head “no” Fibula- Head o Dens (odontoid process)- pivot Feet point - Tarsal Thoracic Vertebrae- heart shaped
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