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Biological Sciences Program
BSCI 201
Justicia Opoku

Hormone Chart Gland secreted Hormone Target Action from tissues/organs ANTERIOR FSH Gonads Regulate gamete production + hormonal PITUITARY Follicle stimulating hormone activity of gonads LH ‘’ ‘’ Luteinizing hormone ACTH Cortex portion of Regulate endocrine activity Adrenocorticotropic hormone adrenal gland TSH Thyroid gland Influence growth and activity of thyroid Thyroid­stimulating hormone gland GH Lots of tissues Determines body size, effects exerted on Growth hormone (muscles, long bones) growth of muscles + long bones PRL Mammary gland Stimulates breast development and Prolactin promotes lactation POSTERIOR Oxytocin Uterus, mammary Stimulates powerful uterine contractions PITUITARY gland, prostate (birth and coitus) Milk ejection in lactating mother Not endocrine gland, doesn’t synthesize hormones released ADH Distal and collecting Tubules of kidney to reabsorb more water Antidiuretic hormone tubules of the kidney from urinary filtrate Reduce urine output, conserve body water Gland secreted Hormone Target tissues/organs Action from TH Virtually every cell inHypersecretion: causes elevated metabolic THYROID Thyroid hormone body rate, weight loss, sweating, irregular heart beat Hyposecretion: physical sluggishness Calcitonin Bone and kidney Decreases blood calcium levels by stimulating calcium salt deposit in the bones PTH Kidney and bones Inc Ca^2+ reabsorption in kidney PARATHYROID Parathyroid hormone Dec Phosphate reabsorption in kidney Stimulate kidney to convert vitamin D to D3 (Calcitriol) ADRENAL Mineralocorticoid  Kidney tubules Regulate water and electrolyte balance in GLANDS Mainly aldosterone
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