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BSCI 223 Final: [BSCI 223] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 53 pages long Study Guide!

Biological Sciences Program
Course Code
BSCI 223
Study Guide

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BSCI 223

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Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

Lecture 10: Growth and Death
Chapters 6 and 9
Microbial Replication
Binary fission
o Primary mode of bacterial replication
o Most often used
o Produces two cells of approximately the same size
o Mode of yeast replication
o Single cell eukaryotic cells
o One cell that buds off of the mother cell
Filamentous growth
o Mode of fungal growth
o Growth in different directions
o Some can branch off
o Increase in overall size of organism
Binary Fission
In bacteria usually 1 circular chromosome
Exponential growth: product of previous replication to determine number of
next group of cells
Generation time
The time required for a population to double in number (doubling time)
Generation time should be the same for each set of replication
Counting cultures
Count number of cells within the grid slide
Count cells how much bacterial contamination is in a product
Drawbacks: must have immobile bacteria, bacteria is really small (must stain
Dilution series
A 1:10 dilution each dilution goes up by a dilution factor of 10
Unit: cells/mL
One colony = one cell 0.1 mL is approximately 65 cells
o 650 cells per mL
o 1000 = total number of cells/mL
Plating is a great way to see how many living cells
Turbidity of absorbance of culture
Has a light source tube in middle, and a light sensitive detector
Bacteria will refract the light more refraction, the more cells
Doesn’t tell you the different in live/dead cells, doesn’t tell you the number,
but just an absorbance reading (this is not the same as how many living cells
are present)
Phases of growth for batch culture
Lag phase
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