COMM 250 Study Guide - Final Guide: Deductive Reasoning, Communication Theory, Social Exclusion

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The exam will be multiple choice and true/false questions (no more than 75 questions) Final exam is cumulative, but the focus of the exam is on material covered since. Exam 2 (for every 1 question on old material, there will be approximately 4-5 questions on new material) New material covers material (lectures, required readings, class discussions) from. Module 8, module 9, module 10, and module 11. Dates and chapter/book titles are less impor- tant (i. e. , i will not test you on dates or titles of articles unless otherwise noted below). Focus will be on lecture material and material covered wednesday and friday in class. Use your readings to supplement what is talked about in lecture. The exam will require you to know more than just class terms and definitions (al- though you must know these). Be able to apply cluster analysis to an example of communication. The pentad as a special form of cluster analysis.

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