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University of Maryland
Geographical Sciences
GEOG 202
Joanna Groger

2/25/14 8:49 AM Exam #1 Review Module 1: Introduction to Human geography lectures Geography- the study of earth’s surfaces- bridge between social sciences and natural sciences How geographers think? They think spatially, not in isolation. They observe relative locations, distribution patterns and think in relationships. Human geography- study of people and places - how we fill spaces, how we make places, how we organize space and society, how we int eract with each other in places, how we make sense of them Physical geography Questions human geographers ask and try to answer. Who? What impact? Why? Where? Human geography background 5 themes (prepare examples) Location Relative vs. absolute location Place Place making Sense of place Human and environment interaction (prepare examples) Human impacts to marine ecosystems Region Formal vs. functional region movement Spatial (in space) and scale (the way we frame the world) Temporal (in time) Techniques and tools geographers use (GIS, GPS, remote sensing, online mapping) Basics of human geography (know all 5) Rachel Carson and DDT Is earth one system? Geographers study all aspects of social and physical systems through the lens of individual This is what distinguishes us from physical geographers Module 2: Global climate change lectures Human geographers strive to look at the total of the interrelationships of global climate change. What does this mean? The science Scientific vs. internationa l debate The reality Consequences Climate debt Why a controversial concept? The politics Major debate-international agreements? Who is to blame? Developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries. Mitigation and adaptation IPCC-intergovernmental panel on climate change General overview Pew center on global climate change Global
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